Happy New Year. I'd like to thank every customer for making the JT5 5 speed conversion such a success. In 32 years of business I would have never dreamed a product could be produced this long ( 18 years ) and still have the demand. I'm am dedicated to constantly improving this kit. The success of our 4 Speed Muncie program will allow me to use some of that design criteria for future JT5 units.


JT5 Model CR boxes are being prepped for 4 entries in the 2009 La Carrera Panamericana Race. We have been building endurance transmissions for this race for the past 4 years. This year our transmissions will be in a 1958 Jaguar XK150, 1966 Jaguar E-Type Coupe, 1958 Maserati 3500GT and a 1954 Lincoln Capri. This is a 2000 mile race.

JT5 units hit the 3000 mark. DIY ( Do it yourself) kit is now available. Price is $2695.00 . Call for details at 561-743-5600

Lately we have seen a rash of noise issues related with JT5 installations using Fidanza alloy flywheels. We have documented gear box rattling noises as well as harmonic gear noises due to using these wheels. Therefore we strongly suggest not using them. Every JT5 is load tested for noise before it leaves our shop. The noise will not damage the unit.

The JT5 6 Cylinder bellhousing is made available for sale as a
separate part allowing people to make their own
conversions using standard Ford T5 transmissions.

Record Sales on JT5 5 Speeds. We are phasing out
the old JT5 bellhousing for a new modular design
that works for both 3.8L and 4.2L engines. This will be offered
with all JT5 6 cylinder kits and can be outfitted for use
with Quartermaster Tri-Lite release bearings for race
To be released by the 4TH week in July 2006.

E-Type Racing Videos
now available.
Download these videos to see the JT5 Enduro
in action

New dealer and comparison information added.
This year ends with several wins by the
Predator Team and Scott Clines #3 E-Type

Happy New Year!

The new RC Enduro and Model CR transmissions
are now available. We introduce alloy flywheels.
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The newly designed and tested RC Enduro transmission will
make its debut in the 2004 season
in the race cars of Terry's Jaguar Parts.
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New Enduro modular dog ring gearsets as well as
our new Model CR box to be available by
February 2003. Both gear sets rated at 475 Ft Lbs of torque
making them the strongest on the market.
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Holiday JT5 Special. All Kits get free shipping in
the Continental US and Canada on orders placed
Through January 5, 2003